Welcome to Bloody Marvellous! Mk2

To those of you who know me and have followed my previous blogging adventures, welcome. If you are a newcomer to all things Neal you are also welcome to this new blog.

I have just returned to the UK from a two-year stint in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where my wife Karen was posted by the Diplomatic Service. These two years’ adventures are chronicled in Neal Of Arabia. While in Riyadh I started another blog called Bloody Marvellous! (this one on Blogger) as a place to rant about my pet loves and hates. It was fun while it lasted but I soon struggled to keep two blogs going at the same time, so I retired BM Mk1 back in July 2007.

Now that I am no longer in Riyadh and no longer a Diplomatic Spouse either, I don’t want to keep on with Neal Of Arabia, so that blog, too, was retired at the end of 2007.

It’s a New Year, and the TV stations are touting their “new schedules” of “new programming”, so why shouldn’t I get in on the act too? This is the New and Improved Bloody Marvellous! Completely re-designed and moved from Blogger to WordPress for your reading pleasure.

What’s in it for you? Glamour! Laughs! Intrigue! Sex! Adventure! Rapier Wit! Joy!

This blog may contain one or more of the above to varying degrees, at the discretion of the management. Individual benefits, particularly Sex and Rapier Wit, are subject to availability and may be withdrawn without notice. This does not affect your statutory rights.


About Chris Neal

Personal Technology Consultant. Tailored services and advice for people who want more from their technology.
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