Feeling The Pinch

We now live in a flat in North London, just five miles from the West End. It’s a great location for Karen’s work in Westminster, and not too far from the children’s school. We can jump on the Tube and be in theatreland in around twenty minutes. Fantastic.

All of that is great, but the flat we’re in is a much smaller space than the house in Riyadh, and our house in Langley, and it’s only now that we’ve moved in with the stuff we brought with us that we are starting to fret about where we’re going to put all our other stuff, when it arrives. Somewhere on the high seas is a container containing our lives, packed into 93 boxes. Think of everything you would have to pack when moving house, then subtract the furniture, and that’s what we’ve got steaming our way and what we have to fit into a three bedroom flat.

If you’re a setting-down-roots kind of person who likes to live in the same place for many years, you have one idea of how much stuff you need around you to feel at home, and if you’re the nomadic type you have a very different idea. The need to travel light changes your perspective and you learn to condense your memories and comforts into a smaller package. Karen and I used to be the first type, and are now living a more nomadic life, having moved to Riyadh two years ago and now starting a three-year stay in London before going overseas again (with Karen’s job). The problem is, we still have the same amount of stuff as when we had a big house and no plans to roam around, and now a smaller living space.

So: storage. We have to decide whether to keep everything and find a storage solution for some of it, or to have a(nother) clear-out and slim our accumulated baggage down to a more manageable, and flexible, level. I reckon we have another three weeks before the Heavy Baggage arrives, so that’s my deadline for finding a solution. I have a chance of renting a second garage where we live, then there are always those self storage companies who will rent you a little lock-up in one of their bright yellow warehouses.

And of course there’s always eBay.


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