Seeing Very, Very Dark Amber

My research tells me that red rear indicators are indeed illegal in the UK, so, finding it hard to believe that a reputable UK dealer would sell me an illegal bike, I thought I’d better take a closer look at it to be sure.

On close inspection it appears that the indicators are actually amber: the plastic lens certainly has a different colour to that of the main rear light, but to call it amber would be fanciful. When I tested them this afternoon the indicators were one minor shade towards the amber side of red.

This tells me that the bike is legal, because the bulbs are covered with an amber lens, and also that it is unlikely Yamaha will make an alternate part with a more amber colour.

At the risk of boring most of my readers to death I’ll put the subject to bed now. Unless of course there’s an interesting development next week when I take the bike in for its first service.

Now, to turn my attention to the world outside scooter indicator lens colouring…


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One Response to Seeing Very, Very Dark Amber

  1. Elliot Neal says:

    I think the lights are actually red but your mind wants them to be yellow.
    Haha, it seems like Saudi isn’t the only place where they ban fun things ;P

    Your favourite son.

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