Ships That Pass In The Night

Karen returned from her trip to the Gulf yesterday, but we only have a couple of days together before it’s my turn. Yes, it’s BrainShare time once again. Tomorrow morning I fly out to Salt Lake City, Utah for my company’s (Novell) annual technical conference. I’ve written about previous BrainShare trips on Neal Of Arabia, so I won’t go over old ground here, but suffice it to say that this is the highlight of Novell’s year from a PR and Customer Relations perspective, and we’re expecting a crowd of 5,000 employees, partners, and customers for five days of in-depth technical tutorials and executive presentations.

I am speaking at this year’s conference; something I’ve done regularly for the last few years. This is my tenth year at Novell and this will be the tenth BrainShare conference I’ve attended, not counting the European ones (now no more).

So I’m off for a week of Geek-Talk, drinking, and wondering what day it is. I have no idea whether this blog will receive any attention from me during that time, so don’t get your hopes up. But, jet lag being what it is, I may well find myself wide awake at 4am with nothing better to do, so never say never.


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