Two Things That Made Me Smile

Karen was away last night so I took the children to see a movie. There was nothing that we fancied at our local multiplex so we ended up going to the West End to see Be Kind Rewind at the Odeon Leicester Square. The Odeon is famous for hosting all the world premieres, but we were in a tiny screened room on the side called The Mezzanine. I think it could have only had about 40 seats.

Be Kind Rewind is a cute film: full of Jack Black’s comic antics but at the same time warm and touching as it brings a New Jersey community together to save the local video store. Pretty daft storyline but since when did that get in the way of a fun movie?

Also I bought Guitar Hero IIII: Legends of Rock for the Wii. I got into GH at BrainShare last week, where they had it in the games room. It sounds doomed to failure — a plastic toy guitar that you strum in time to a series of moving dots on the screen — but it actually works, very well. There are some really rocking tracks to play along to and you can earn bonus points by using the whammy bar for vibrato and tilting the neck up to unleash Star Power!  Seriously: if you’ve got a Nintendo Wii (or a Playstation or XBox for that matter) and you like rock music you should get this game. It’s great fun. we didn’t get home until eleven thirty last night but I was up til two-thirty playing on my plastic guitar.


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