Peace And Quiet Around The Corner

The more perceptive of you will have noticed that, once again, I’ve been failing dismally as a blogger recently. When this happens — as it does from time to time — I always have a good excuse and this time is no exception. The children are still off school and with two teenagers in the flat life gets more hectic. There’s homework to supervise, cooking and cleaning to help with, and don’t get me started on the sudden eruption in the amount of laundry scattered about the place! So we’ve been spending quality time together as a family: going to Center Parcs, playing Guitar Hero, visiting family, and lots of washing/ironing/cooking/cleaning.

We take them back to school tomorrow (Hooray!) in time for the start of term on Wednesday. I love my children and will miss them dearly, but there’s no denying the flat is more peaceful when they’re not here.

Of course, once they’ve been safely installed at school and I return to my now peaceful haven I’ll have no excuse for not writing scintillating prose here on a daily basis.



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