No News Is… erm… No News

It has now been… ooh… nearly a week since I sent my piece in to The London Paper and so far no progress to report. Since I sent it in there have been pieces about the London Marathon, the upcoming Glastonbury Festival and the state of men on the Tube. A lot of pieces that get published are topical e.g. the London Marathon piece, so my more general piece may have to wait until a slow news day.

I’d prefer it if they’d just reply to my email to tell me the piece isn’t what they’re looking for. At least then I’d have an idea of how it’s gone down or what I’d need to change to improve the chances of publication. But this current silence leaves me not knowing what they thought of it, or even whether they’ve read it. It could be that they like it and are keeping it on file for the appropriate time, or it could be that it’s already in their Windows Recycle Bin and I’ll never hear from them again. I’m tempted to send in another, more topical piece, but that would be admitting defeat before defeat has been declared, so to speak.

I’m off overseas on business again on Wednesday. This time to Canada: a country I’ve never visited before. I’ll be there for eight days with a colleague of mine visiting partners in Toronto and Montreal. I’d love to be the sort of blogger who posts something “from the front line” every day but regular readers will know I’m not that well-disciplined (or motivated), so what’s more likely is you’ll get my usual caveat “I’m going away so don’t expect any new entries until I get back”. The reality will probably be somewhere in between, but no promises.


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