I’m excited this morning, sat here in the lounge at Heathrow’s Terminal 3 waiting for my flight and my first ever visit to Canada.

Kevin and I have an eight day itinerary during which we’ll be visiting three companies in Toronto and Montreal, and in between we’re going to spend the weekend at Niagara Falls.

The last time we went to see a waterfall (in Yosemite National park) it had dried up, so Niagara had better be switched on when I get there, otherwise I’ll have lugged my heavy digital SLR camera all that way for nothing.

I read in the Sunday paper about a photographic competition with 1st prize being a commission to take photos for a new travel guide, and the theme for the images is “Water”. It must be fate!

I’ll enjoy shooting for the travel guide as much as I enjoyed having my article published in The London Paper (NOT).

Stunning, prizewinning photos of the Falls to follow.


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