Britain’s Got Talent

No, that’s not my opinion but the title of a talent show on ITV2 in the UK. I have been sucked into this show and am now a big fan, partly because it’s presented by Ant & Dec (who seem incapable of doing a bad job on TV), but mainly because the acts featured — and the reactions of the audience and the judges — are always entertaining no matter how good or bad the actual act is. When you get a bad act you laugh along with the audience, and feel equal amounts of sorrow, pity, and respect for the people who really don’t have talent but who don’t mind demonstrating that in front of a large crowd. But when the acts are good, they’re REALLY good, as in this example. This is what Saturday Night Telly should be about!


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One Response to Britain’s Got Talent

  1. me says:

    its on itv1 on Saturday nights but I guess your out then.

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