Scooter Trouble

My beloved Yamaha XMAX 125 refused to start yesterday morning. It was obvious from the first push of the starter button that the battery was a bit under the weather, as the starter was chugging over and spluttering but not strongly enough to start the engine. The RAC came within 45 minutes of my call and got it going again by giving the battery a quick charge, but then it failed to start again once I’d ridden into the village to do some shopping. After about twenty attempts it started, so I rode straight round to the dealer I’d bought it from and left it for them to check over.

It needs a new battery, and is under warranty so it shouldn’t cost me anything, but I think from now on I’ll always be worried that the same thing will happen again. The dealer told me that the alarm I’ve had fitted was draining the battery, and that if I didn’t ride it every day I should keep a charger in the garage. This annoyed me because they sold me the alarm and never mentioned any of this at the time. I rarely arm the alarm anyway so I’ve told them to disconnect it after they replace the battery. With a brand new scooter you shouldn’t have to build manual charging of the battery into your riding routine should you?

It’s still in the shop as I write. Should be ready later today but because of work I won’t be able to pick it up until tomorrow morning. I sincerely hope this is a one-off and I can go back to a riding experience where the only hassles are other road users and not on the bike itself.


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