Back On The Road

Got my scooter back yesterday and all is right with the World once more. The garage tried to charge me for the work, saying that because they had managed to save the battery by recharging it they couldn’t make a warranty claim, but I wasn’t having any of that. Whether the battery was faulty or not is beside the point. If they’d told me  the impact that the alarm was going to have on the battery I wouldn’t have purchased it, so the fact that I’d had a breakdown and wasted several hours was their fault regardless. They tried to argue the toss but I was not going to give any ground, and eventually they gave up and let me have the keys.

I rode the scooter out and to the local supermarket. As I was backing it into a parking space a car reversed into me. A young guy had been sitting in this small car in the next space, and obviously decided it was time to go, but he didn’t see me backing in. We exchanged a few words but by the time I’d put the stand down, got off the bike and taken my helmet off he’d driven off. The only damage to the bike was a scratch on the exhaust pipe cover and I was uninjured — if a little shaken — so one to put down to experience.

Today was a better day scooter-wise. The weather was lovely and I had a great ride round with no further incidents.

Back on two wheels — Yay!


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