My Wembley Experience

Had a great night out at Wembley last night, at our first ever International football match. Our seats were behind the goal that England defended in the first half. If you watched the match on TV and saw the huge England flag held up by the crowd during the National Anthem, that was us! (well, four squares of it anyway).

Here are some photos. Glad I took my telephoto lens along! (playing with WordPress’s Gallery feature, which I’ve only just discovered):

Not a classic game of football: in fact during the second half the crowd were entertaining themselves with Mexican Waves, the action on the pitch was so sparse. But, we saw our England heroes in action, the atmosphere was great, and most importantly we won. Two-Nil.

Here are the goals:

The new Wembley Stadium looks great and is very well-designed, with wide walkways and easy access to the bars, food outlets, washrooms etc. The biggest problem there is getting everyone out of the stadium and on their way home. There was massive overcrowding on the way to the Tube station and the Police had to use horses to hold fans back. We gave up on trying to get to Wembley Park Tube and got on a bus instead. It was slow going through the traffic, but we were warm and had seats, and were home in under an hour and a half.


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