Getting My Scooter Fix

We’ve had my nephew Lucas at the flat today. Karen took the day off to look after him so I’ve been able to get on with some work, but because they were around to go shopping in the village I’ve had no reason to go out on my scooter. Lucas wanted to play in the garden this afternoon so Abigail and I went down with him. Walking right past the garage door where the scooter is kept was just too tempting, so I took out my keys and started her up while Abigail watched Lucas in the garden. I had no motorcycle jacket on and no gloves, just my normal clothes and helmet, and rode around the car park, then around the block. It was only a little ride but any ride is better than no ride. I ignored Lucas’ pleas to go on the back like last time: he really is a bit too small for it. He’ll thank me one day… I hope!


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One Response to Getting My Scooter Fix

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve caught up now!
    Re the scooter – Lucas did think that you would collect him from the office on the scooter. He told me it was OK because he would be with you!!!

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