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I should know better than to open Karen’s post. Because I work from home I’m usually alone when the mail arrives in the morning, and when an official-looking envelope addressed to Karen dropped on the mat the other day my curiosity was raised. I wasn’t going to open it initially, but I did go as far as to take it to the kitchen window (where the light was better) and look through the envelope’s clear address window to try and make out any words that might give me a clue as to the contents.

It wasn’t easy but after a couple of minutes’ careful examination I started to see typed letters — faint and back to front — appear through the paper. The one word I could make out with any certainty was “offence”. It was then that I remembered that, while I do most of the driving, our car is registered in Karen’s name.

Now almost certain that the contents were actually aimed at me I tore the envelope open. Apparently I was snapped jumping a red light on the North Circular Rd. outside IKEA a couple of weeks ago. Looking back through the diary it’s true that I took the children round to see my parents that day, so it is likely that I was in the vicinity at the time of the alleged offence. If it’s true though then I’m really annoyed with myself. I’ve been very careful to keep a clean driving licence for years now, and the prospect of having penalty points put on it is annoying and embarrassing.

This letter was just to ask Karen to confirm who was driving, so when we send back the response I can expect the next letter to have my name on the front, and it’s at that point that I’ll find out what — if anything — I can do in my defence. This was certainly NOT a “jumping a red light” offence: I never do that. If it was anything it would have been one of those times when the lights start to change as you approach at speed, and you have to make a snap decision whether to hit the brakes or carry on through. I don’t remember doing it but I guess I must have, otherwise the letter wouldn’t have been sent would it?

I’ll wait for the next one and then demand photographic evidence I think, while I prepare mentally for the points and fine that will inevitably follow.



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