At It Again

Still mentally kicking myself for getting snapped by a traffic camera going through the lights when they were at amber. I like to think I’m one of the more careful, considerate, law-abiding road users out there; particularly when I’m on the scooter for safety’s sake. But nobody’s perfect and I do slip occasionally, and it seems that when I do I always get caught.

Another official-looking piece of post arrived today, which turned out to be another fixed penalty notice. This time I was filmed riding down a road that was not open to motor vehicles.

The Evidence

In my defence this was in an area I didn’t know, and I’d never seen this road before. I was just riding along and decided to turn down here on my way home. I didn’t see the signs until I was level with them and by then it was too late. So by the time I realised that I’d done something wrong there was no point stopping and turning around, so I carried on.

It’s beginning to feel like there isn’t a square inch of London that isn’t covered by CCTV. Quite reassuring when I’m walking down a dark alley alone but very annoying when one makes a simple mistake on the road.

The fine (no penalty points this time) is £120, or £60 if paid within 28 days. I went to their website this afternoon to make the online payment, but the site was down, preventing me from paying my fine.

I wonder if I can fine them for that so that we cancel each other out?


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One Response to At It Again

  1. me says:

    what not working at 3:30 in the afternoon or was it a pizza delivery so I guess you are 😉

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