Summer Holidays

I don’t have anything very incisive or insightful to say today.

As I write Elliot is in the air somewhere between Dubai and India, having arrived in Dubai in the early hours of this morning. In fact he was thoughtful enough to send the same text message saying he’d landed to me, Karen, and Abigail at 0525 UK time, so woke us all up. He’s also sent us a message on Facebook from Dubai, so has obviously been let into an internet cafe or found a computer kiosk at the airport. Not sure he’ll have that luxury where he’s headed next.

Abigail broke up from school today and I went to pick her — and her ten bags of stuff — up. The college is used as an International Summer School during the holidays so the boarders have to clear everything out of their rooms: I need a bigger car!

That’s it for now. It’s ten pm and I’m about to go to bed. How sad is that?


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