New Bike

Say Hello to the Honda CB600F Hornet, which I bought at the end of last week (although I don’t take delivery until the 15th).

Honda CB600F Hornet

makes a great wallpaper for your PC!

I chose this gorgeous bike from a shortlist that started with around eight bikes and gradually shrank to just two: the similarly-named CB600F and CBF600S, both from Honda. I took the bikes for a test ride last Friday and was impressed with the CBF, but it was the Hornet that really lit my fire. For a mid-size bike engine-wise it’s quite a compact package, and feels really tightly put together, agile and very stable when ridden.

SOLD! to Mr. Neal. My actual bike in the showroom.

The bike I’m buying is one year old and has done just 2,000 miles from new. It has ABS braking system and is fitted with a flyscreen and rubber thingies called “drop mushrooms”, which basically protect the engine from damage if you drop the bike on its side. And they look a bit like mushrooms. Hence the name.

It was not without a pang of sadness that I decided to trade in my scooter for this fine machine. The XMAX is an excellent scooter and I’ve had a lot of fun on it (while being practical and eco-friendly at the same time), but you’re either a scooterist or a biker — you can’t be both.

So I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on it on the 15th, but before then Karen, Abigail and I are off on a short break to Cornwall (Elliot’s in India remember). We’re going to see how many Cornish Pasties and ice cream (not on the same plate) we can eat, and if my fingers don’t get too fat to operate the shutter you can expect some corny Cornish photos here in the next few days.


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5 Responses to New Bike

  1. Laura says:

    Lucas says he’ll only let you take him on it if you go faster and faster and faster on it!!

  2. Congratulations? The Hornet was on my shortlist before buying the CBF600s!

    Keep the rubber side down as someone would say!

  3. Chris Neal says:

    Thanks for the kind wishes. How are you liking your CBF?

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Neal,

    I’m also looking at the Hornet for my birst real bike, I have been driving around on a Honda SH125i scooter for the last two years. I already took one for a test ride and really fell in love. It does indeed feel very controlable and agile, although perhaps a tad too powerfull for my current driving skills, but that just means I have to keep track of my right hand ;-).

    It has been a few years now, how are you liking the Hornet?

  5. That bike there is my dream I would love to go araund my country touring on one of thoe beauty can you tell me how has your eperince has been with the control of the bike thank you.

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