Happiness Is A Yellow Hornet

Today I waved a teary goodbye to my scooter and began a passionate relationship with my new bike. Say Hello to The Hornet!

My new Hornet

My new Hornet

The Hornet is a 600cc “naked” motorcycle: naked meaning it doesn’t have a fairing around the front like racing bikes. Riding it is a totally different experience from what I’m used to with the scooter. There is much more power obviously, and the controls: throttle, gears and brakes are all much more sensitive, responsive and have a tighter feel. Despite all that the bike is physically hardly any bigger than the scooter, but the riding experience is in a different league. The bike feels light, agile, easy to maneouvre and feels very stable. I’m taking things very easy while I get used to handling it, but I already feel safer and more confident on the streets than I did before. I can feel that the brakes work better, the tyres grip harder, and the suspension handles the bumps more smoothly.

So what’s the catch? The only downside really is storage-related. The scooter had an under-seat compartment which could carry either two helmets or a load of shopping, and I’m missing that compartment already. Now if I ride to the supermarket I have to carry everything home on my back, but that really is a small price to pay.

If I don’t blog much for the next week, you know the reason why!


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  1. really liked your blog. Thanks for sharing this post!

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