Hot ‘n’ Hectic

We’re still on our hols and having a great time. Having left the buzz and hubbub of Las Vegas on Thursday we are now on the second leg of the holiday, in Key West, Florida. Key West is the southernmost part of the United States and it’s just 96 miles across the Gulf of Mexico to Havana, Cuba.

The weather here hits highs of 95 Farenheit and lows of 80, and with 80% humidity it feels hot and sweaty most of the time. There are three ways to cool down though: duck into an air conditioned shop, jump into a cold swimming pool, or chug a chilled Corona. We’re evaluating all three pretty thoroughly to decide on our favourite.

I’m too tired/hot/sweaty/relaxed to blog properly at the moment, but there are plenty of photos accumulating on my laptop ready to share with you at such time as I can be bothered.

Gotta go now: Cocktail Hour!


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