Gone Fishin’

Another quick update from Key West. I will post some pictures when I get back but haven’t had time while here. However I’m still feeling guilty that I’m not posting regularly enough so hence this brief bulletin.

Elliot and I went deep sea fishing this morning, aboard Captain Conch. We split the charter with three other people: a couple from Sweden and a guy called Dave, who is from Ohio. Here’s here with his wife too, but she doesn’t like to fish and he doesn’t like to shop, so…

We caught two or three fish each during our four hour round trip (two hours spent actually fishing). Most of the fish were Bonita: not edible and only to be kept if they’re big enough for stuffing/mounting, or to use as bait for shark. The only two other fish caught were a Barracuda (by Ohio Dave) and a Dolphin (the fish, not the mammal) by me. Dolphin is its name here in the U.S., but it’s also called Dorado (in Mexico) and Mahi Mahi (in Hawaii). The Ship’s Mate fileted it for me and I took it to a local restaurant this evening where they fried it for our dinner. It was delicious — white and flaky with a mild flavour, a little like Haddock.

Tomorrow we’re going snorkelling at the reef and then on Wednesday we travel back to London.


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