Part of my daily routine is to logon to WordPress (the system that hosts this blog) and check out my stats. WordPress gives every blogger information about how many hits their blog received over a given period, what search terms readers used to find it, what other sites have links to it and so on. Normally this is a bit of a fruitless exercise because my readership rarely struggles over the thirty-a-day bar, but yesterday I found something entirely unexpected, and quite cool…

Bloody Marvellous is listed at number 89 in WordPress’s list of Growing Blogs on their Blogs of the Day site. This immediately followed my last post about our holiday to Key West and coincided with the blog hitting its highest daily hit rate for months, at over 100 visitors.

I was very pleased to get such recognition, but I’m under no illusions. I know that the number of hits any site gets is as much about the subject matter and Tags associated with it as it is about the quality of the content. You can write the worst load of drivel about, say, Britney Spears, for example. In fact your piece need not actually be about Britney at all; as long as you mention her name and — better still — Tag the post “Britney Spears”, then you will get a spike in your hits as all the thousands of idiots people searching the web for gossip about Ms. Spears suddenly find your site in their results.

So, my hit spike and subsequent inclusion in the Growing Blogs list was entirely down to the Tags I used to categorise the entry: Travel, Holidays, Florida Keys, Key West, Fishing. That’s all well and good I guess, and that, ultimately, is what Tags are for. What you need if you want to keep all these new readers who have stumbled across your humble blog, is quality content that keeps them coming back for more.

Let’s check today’s stats… twenty-eight. Oh dear.


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One Response to #89

  1. Tom Hartman says:

    Congratulations, I guess people are more interested in Key West than the number #89. Now if you get 42 hits in a day then maybe people will flock back to your site. You remain my hero.

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