Ships That Pass…

My Trains, Planes, and Automobiles journey home went without a hitch. In fact it went with an unhitch (if there is such a word). In order to get the best value First Class ticket for the train journey back from Stafford to London Euston I had to book it in advance, for a specific departure only, so when Kevin dropped me at the station just before 10am I found myself two hours early for my train. I boarded the 10.12 service instead of the 12.12, knowing that my ticket wasn’t valid but prepared to come clean to the inspector on the train. About twenty minutes into the journey the inspector entered our carriage and started working his way towards me, checking peoples’ tickets as he went. He had a female colleague in tow and it soom became obvious that she was in training, because he was being extra thorough and showing her in detail what to look out for. It was no surprise then that when they reached my end of the carriage and took my ticket he spotted the later departure printed there. However he decided to take pity on me and let me off; either because it was a Friday or because he felt sorry for me in my disheveled, jet-lagged state, but most probably because he wanted to look good in front of his female student.

Yesterday (Sat) was our 22nd wedding anniversary, and also — quite by coincidence — my only full day with Karen before she goes off on her travels: a four-day trip to Bahrain for a conference. We had an early dinner at a fantastic new restaurant in the West End, followed by Riflemind — a new play by Andrew Upton at the Trafalgar Studios. The play was dull, crude, and self-indulgent in equal measure and there was a man in the front row of the audience who decided to ruin anything approaching a dramatic pause by showing off his prizewinning nose blow honk. It got to the point after about six of these, all timed to perfection for maximum effect, that it made others in the audience giggle.

So, disappointing play but the restaurant! Oh the restaurant! It was original, fun, and extremely cool, with delicious food and yummy cocktails. I’m not going to name the place at this stage or share the photos with you, because we’re going to take the children there at half-term and don’t want to spoil the surprise for them. For now all I can tell you is that this place has a gimmick that I’ve never seen or heard of anywhere else, and it’s this gimmick that makes it such a unique dining experience. As soon as we’ve been back there with the children all will be revealed!


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