Successful Non-writing Writer For Hire

Yes, this is another one in an ever-lengthening series of blog posts about why I haven’t written anything here lately. One of my best features as a budding writer is that I can think about writing all day: I have several ideas per hour, I jot little notes in my notebook, I file creative gems away for later use which will one day form the pivotal moment in my world famous blog/novel/screenplay. And then I return to thoughts of work, or what to cook for dinner, or where to go on my next bike ride. And the next day the whole process repeats. It’s almost the same; the only difference is that my self-exasperation increases incrementally.

Last year I wrote in a previous blog that I could write a book about how not to become a writer. That’s looking more like a winner every day.


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One Response to Successful Non-writing Writer For Hire

  1. Tom Hartman says:

    What the heck are you blathering on about now. You write more than anyone I know and we can’t all be J. K. Rowling. You just have to hope the wife will get a great posting and you will have your next book.

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