Nice Apostroph’e!

Some people on this planet get really wound up by bad grammar and punctuation, particularly when it comes to incorrect use of the poor old apostrophe. Others of course are completely oblivious, think life’s too short or something, and can sail on with their lives totally unaffected by these displays of ignorance.

I fall into the former category I’m afraid, as you would know if you ever happened to catch yourself standing with me in front of a badly written sign with a blood pressure monitor in your hand.

I’m sure we’re all used to the classics found on shop signs: sandwich’s, toy’s, potato’s etc.

I thought I’d seen it all, but then the other day I went out with an observer from our bike club on my mock test (did I tell you I passed my Advanced Riding Test? Oh yes, I did). As usual we ended the run with a debrief over a hot cuppa at a local cafe/tea shop, and as I approached the counter to order refills I noticed this abomination:



Here it is again, hideously enlarged:

"CAF'E" ??????

"CAF'E" ??????

Glad I saw this at the end of the ride rather than the start: motorcycling and blind rage tend not to mix.


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4 Responses to Nice Apostroph’e!

  1. M says:

    I suspect the ‘caf’e’ thing is undetected failure to insert an acute… But, as a language teacher, I feel for you.

  2. Chris Neal says:

    I knew someone would make this suggestion, and while it’s a laudable attempt at their defence I am in no doubt that the sign writer doesn’t even know what an acute is, let alone it’s relevance to the word.

    ..or am I just jaded?

  3. Jim Thornber says:

    And I was focused on the word “babies.” But then, my eye’sight isn’t so well…

  4. Laura says:

    Ya gotta give the writer credit for trying.

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