We hit the sales for the second time today: this time at Westfield in White City. Again the crowds were out in force but fortunately the sheer size of Westfield means that you don’t feel claustrophobic even when it’s jam packed full.

We’d left our coats in the car because we knew from previous experience that they have the heat in there turned up full. Top Tip: if you go shopping at Westfield in the winter you will NOT want to spend the day walking around in there with your outdoor woollies on. You’ll faint from heat exhaustion.

We got a few nice things but there weren’t many great bargains that tickled our fancy. Elliot drove us home to Highgate: his driving is really coming along well and I’m impressed at how well he is coping with driving in London as a Learner. I never did anything like that when I was learning all those years ago. I think he’s almost ready for his test.

Here are a few photos of the day at Westfield:


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