Christmas Wedding

Our Christmas holiday got off to a great start with my cousin Ruth’s wedding on December 23rd.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

Ruth & Tim’s wedding party set off from Finchley in North London on a double decker red London bus specially hired for the occasion and travelled to the Registry Office on Marylebone Road for the ceremony. A small group of singers from The London Community Gospel Choir provided the music (excellently), to what was an unconventional but great fun ceremony, with Ruth’s two-year-old son Luca running up and tugging her dress for attention right in the middle of the marriage vows. Just when we thought that couldn’t be topped Ruth’s sister Tamar had forgotten her duty as Ring Bearer and was holding her baby son in the middle of the seated guests when the Registrar asked for the rings, and she had to run out and riffle through both her and Ruth’s handbags before finally finding them and running back in to relieved applause.

Limo? What Limo?

Limo? What Limo?

After the ceremony we got back on the bus and were driven to Holborn, where the Wedding Lunch was held in the enchanting (and gothic) atmosphere of a chapel crypt!

Great atmosphere, great food, drink, company, and a great time had by all. You can see our photos on Flickr by clicking here.


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