Don’t Blink!

It’s Monday. T minus four days, because this Friday I’m going to have my eyes fixed by a man with a big laser.

I’ve only been wearing glasses for ten years — many people have had to wear them all their lives — but I’m fed up with them. And of course part of my motivation is bike-related too. It’s a real pain having to take off my glasses every time I put my helmet on or take it off, and they mist up in cold weather, so to be able to ride without needing my glasses will be liberating.

There is a range of treatments available to suit every budget but — and I’m assuming most people would do the same here — I’ve gone for the best one available: this is my eyesight we’re talking about and that’s one area where I do not want to economise!

As the week progresses I’ll talk more about the procedure and my hopes, and anxieties, about “going under the light”.


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