T minus three days and I continue to view Friday’s appointment with a mix of excitement and apprehension.

Yesterday I mentioned that there’s a range of treatments available. Let’s take a look at the options:

LASIK Treatment

LASIK Treatment

The first observation (sic) to note is that here, as in so many other parts of modern life, technology has moved on in leaps and bounds since laser eye surgery’s early days. It’s largely thanks to those brave souls who underwent comparatively more primitive earlier treatments that I can look forward to what promises to be a simple, safe, and painless procedure.

The two main variants are LASEK and LASIK: the latter being the better but more expensive option. Both repair eyesight defects by using a cool laser to reshape the outer surface of the cornea. The difference is hinted at by the E and I in the names: E standing for “extra” (or outside) and I standing for “in situ”. In other words LASEK involves removing moving the corneal tissue to be reshaped out before the laser goes to work (I think), and with LASIK it’s all done … well… in situ, with only what they call a protective flap being created to give the laser access to the cornea.

Most treatments today are of the LASIK variety and that’s what I’m having done. On top of that there are two further advances that you can opt for, and naturally I’ve plumped for both of them.

Advanced CustomVue Wavefront makes the treatment even safer and more accurate by… erm… I forget. Tell you what — watch this demo instead:

Click to Play

The final extra “bell & whistle” in my package is called IntraLase. Remember I said that with LASIK the surgeon has to create a protective flap? Well what that really means is that they cut a circle on the surface of the eyeball and move that circular piece of material out of the way — a bit like lifting a manhole cover. The standard way of creating this flap is with a surgical blade, but with IntraLase even that part is done by laser, allowing for even greater accuracy, customised to the individual eye, and granting faster recovery and healing times.

Sounds great doesn’t it! I know it’s safe but there’s a part of me that is letting out a silent scream of panic. More about my irrational fears tomorrow.


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