Slumdog Millionaire

Being an avid movie fan I was keen to begin experiencing the freedom of watching great movies without my glasses. Actually the first movie I saw “glasses-free” was The Dark Knight, which I got as a birthday present, but that was at home on TV.

On Sunday Karen and I went to the Phoenix in East Finchley to see Slumdog Millionaire — a movie that I heard good things about but otherwise knew little of. What a great way to resume my perfect-vision-cinema-going! It’s a great movie, full of surprises, humour, thrills, and chills. An original idea, with a sharp script, visually very rich and brilliantly directed by Danny Boyle. With its colour, poverty, grandeur, squalour, humour and corruption, India is both the star and the villain of the piece.

Watch the trailer

Go see it, and see it in a cinema with a large audience. You’ll come out feeling better than you went in.

PS Note to self: be prepared for a spike in visitor numbers due to use of “Slumdog Millionaire” in blog post. Bound to a Google hot topic at the moment. I may even hit the Magic 100 again!


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