Blacky Marvellous!

Well? Whaddya think of the new look?

Before you spout off, be aware that in changing to this new theme I’m actually doing my bit to save the planet, so there!

I did warn that I might be playing with WordPress themes in my New Year, New Look post. Then today Elliot told me about a new search site called Blackle . Weird name but if you think “Google, but in black” you’ll get the drift. The idea behind Blackle is that it takes more energy to display a predominantly white browser window than it does a predominantly black one, and so by choosing a search engine that is mainly black you save a tiny bit of energy every time you use it compared with your old habits.

Hmm, a black image on a black background... wonder how that'll work out?

Hmm, a black image on a black background... wonder how that'll work out?

It’s fate! I want to help save the world too, AND I’m searching for a new look for my blog, so… (makes that David Brent meshing together of the fingers whilst biting bottom lip gesture).

Now, each time you visit Bloody Marvellous you too will be doing your bit for the environment. Isn’t that nice?


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2 Responses to Blacky Marvellous!

  1. Kev says:

    Like the new look much better

  2. Tom Hartman says:

    You’re killing me. Unplug one of your transformers when you’re not charging one of your toys and go back to something a little less Goth. Elliot might be able to get away with it but it is just creepy to feel like I’m reading “Twilight” written by a computer geek.

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