Cuckoo Blogger

Y’know the cuckoo’s reputation for stealing other birds’ nests? Well it seems there are people out there who make a habit of doing the same thing. Except they’re not nests they’re other people’s blogs, and they don’t so much move in on your nest/blog as copy it and pass it off as their own.

OK, bad analogy. They’re not like cuckoos at all but more like, well, plagiarists.

The subject of my miffedness is one Sacha Rahbani, who lays claim to four blogs on He was brought to my attention by reader Amanda, who commented on my recent post In Santa’s Sack, pointing out a link to one of “Sacha’s” blogs carrying the exact same piece, photo and all.

Once I’d gotten over my initial surprise I thought I’d dig a little further. I went to the topmost posting on each of his four blogs (as listed on his profile), and copied a sentence from each. Sure enough, on pasting the sentences into Google it was confirmed that each had in fact, like mine, been written by someone else. So, Sacha is a serial plagiariser.

Now I can’t deny that there is something flattering about someone wanting to copy your writing, but they should at least give you credit for it and/or provide a link back to the original post. But no, Sacha seems to bluntly copy other peoples’ blog posts and pass them off as his own. It’s almost as if he doesn’t see anything wrong in it.

That’s just not cricket!


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