Turn The Web Black

Hot on the heels of Blackle comes Turn The Web Black.org , a South African NGO that is encouraging webmasters to turn their sites black to create awareness about energy issues. I signed up my blog as a participating site but stopped short of donating any actual money: hey, I don’t care about the environment that much!

Anyway, if a black window uses less energy in the rendering than a bright one, then maybe we should set more of our windows to black. Then while we’re at it let’s set our desktop background to plain black too, so we’re not wasting energy on displaying that holiday snap that we use as wallpaper. And those daft icons, menus and mouse cursors can go too; we don’t need them.

Set off on that road and before long you’ll end up back in the wonderful world of CLIs (Command Line Interfaces), made famous by good old MS-DOS.

Ah.. memories...

Ah.. memories...

But then, how will you surf the web?

No problem! Just get a hold of a text-based web browser (yes, they do still exist) and brush up on your keyboard shortcuts. Just a short (Blackle) search led me to MacLynx, which I installed and have been playing with, just for fun.

Bloody Marvellous Text!

Bloody Marvellous Text!

BBC News

BBC News

Wow, a dynamite idea like this could put sites like YouTube out of business. Don’t you think?


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