Central Park

HA! Gotcha!

Thought you were about to read something about The Big Apple didn’tcha? But no, instead you have to listen to me ranting on about parking my bike in Central London LOL <– (that last bit to prove to Abigail — oops, sorry, Abby — that I’m hip ‘n’ down with the kids).

One of the problems with dividing a large city like London into multiple boroughs is that the councils of said boroughs all have different ideas about how to run things. Motorcycling is just the one example that happens to affect me most directly, but I’m sure one could find examples of daft and pointless policy differences in most departments.

London local government in general is trying to get people out of their cars and into/onto greener, less-congesting forms of transport: bus, train, bicycle, and yes, the mighty PTW (Powered Two-Wheeler — GovSpeak for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds). In principle that’s great: motorcycles can park for free in many areas where car drivers have to pay, we are exempt from having to pay the Congestion Charge, and we’re now even allowed to use Bus Lanes along with buses, cycles, and taxis — Thank You Boris!

But — and it’s a big but — (“Does my But look big in these leather trousers?”) before we set off we have go online and trawl through countless sites, local government pamphlets, and user forums to try and find out what the local motorcycle parking rules are at our destination. Just because you’re allowed to park in Residents Permits Only bays in Camden doesn’t mean you can do it in Haringey, etc. etc.

A picture paints a thousand words, so:

Confused? Join the club!

Confused? Join the club!

Basically tick=good (free) and X=bad (have to pay). You see my dilemma?

What I said earlier about bus lanes is subject to the same vagaries: the new rule only applies to Red Routes (Central London bus lanes). Again once you get out into the other boroughs it’s up to them individually whether to follow suit. AArrggh!

Come on BoJo: whip those boroughs into line and get everyone on the same page!


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2 Responses to Central Park

  1. Joe says:

    Just take the Tube. Less stressful.

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