Losing Your Roadkill Cherry

Do you remember your first roadkill? Where? When? What was it? At my age I’ve smacked so many small creatures off the road it’s hard to remember what came first. Having said that, I haven’t hit anything in a few years now so either my driving is terribly advanced or I’ve just been lucky.

Elliot notched up his first kill this morning. I picked him up from school early to take him up to Leicester for his interview at De Montfort University. As he is almost ready for his driving test and most of the journey would be by motorway (no Learners allowed), I let him drive the first leg down the A10 as far as the junction with the M25.

We’d only been on the road for about ten minutes when all of a sudden a pheasant trotted across the road in front of us. Not a care in the world, not rushing, just trotting across. Unfortunately for said pheasant the trotting was taking place right in Elliot’s path. He only had enough time to say, “Oh My God! Pheasant!” before smacking it off the road with a loud THUD.

pheasant road kill

Dead pheasant shown not Elliot’s actual roadkill. Even I’M not that fast with a camera!

He was very flustered but recovered his composure very well and continued the drive safely, and he thinks he did pretty well at the interview. The rest of the pheasant’s day did not go so well.


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