Good ‘n’ Bad

So what on earth has been going on in my life to excuse my totally  shameless lack of attention to the blog?

Well, Life, I guess. Pure & simple.

Been pretty busy at work for the last few weeks. Novell has some major marketing events coming up and I’ve been helping to build the software demos for that.

My Mum has been in hospital for the last three weeks with severe Osteoporosis (that’s Brittle Bones to you). She has three wedge (verterbrae) fractures and was in a lot of pain, although she’s doing better now. I’m visiting the house and taking my turn at driving Dad to the hospital for his daily visits.

Elliot has been a busy boy. He passed his Driving Test this week at the first attempt — I’m so proud! He also had a leading role in the school Passion Play. There were two boys in the role of Jesus: one to carry the cross and do the actions and the other to sing; Elliot was the singing one and had to sing several solos in front of a large crowd.

Abigail is now off on a week’s adventure trip to Snowdonia with the CCF (Combined Cadet Force).

Karen is going on a business trip tomorrow for four days. That leaves Elliot and me home alone. Hang on… Me… Elliot… on our own… sounds like the ideal time for that LordOfTheRingsathon we’ve been promising ourselves!

Running order:

09:00 The Fellowship Of The Ring

12.30 Lunch (and email, work etc.)

14.00 The Two Towers

18.00 Dinner (and email, work etc.)

20.00 The Return Of The King

00.00 Bed


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