I think I may have to file my fingers down a bit to fit the keyboard on my new Dell Mini 9 Netbook.

For the dim, a netbook is a very small laptop that is designed for anywhere, anytime internet access (and not much else). If you combine a netbook with a mobile broadband connection you can, in theory, surf the net pretty much anywhere, as mobile broadband uses the cellular data network rather than traditional Wi-Fi. So basically anywhere you can get a signal on your mobile phone you can get a broadband connection on your laptop.

Of course, these things never work as perfectly as they do in the adverts, and my broadband netbook experience today has been mixed, with some great performance spoiled by a larger amount of mediocre performance.
The other thing that’s a bit irritating is the bottom right of the diddy keyboard: I have already typed @ when I meant : five times, and twice I’ve gone to hit Shift and hit Up by mistake, resulting in two lines of writing being deleted.

I don’t want to be woo tuick to judge (see what I mean?) because the I’ll get used to the keybard over time, but right now I’m in danger of typing a lod of shote.


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