Swings & Roundabouts

That’s what we say to describe life’s little up’s and down’s. You might prefer “gotta take the rough with the smooth”, or, “the Good Lord giveth and he taketh away”. In fact, now I think about it, both of those make more sense than “Swings & roundabouts”, but that’s what I grew up with so we’re stuck with it.

The 12v lighter “accessory” socket in my car has been kaput for the last few weeks, ever since I plugged a cheap and nasty digital tyre inflator into it and immediately noticed a wisp of smoke and a smell of burning plastic. This morning I finally got around to taking the car in to get it fixed, expecting to spend around two hours and a hundred pounds there. Not a bit of it, the very helpful technician quickly identified the problem as being a blown fuse (I had looked for that myself and found nothing: the fuse in question was a different one from that indicated in the manual, so there). The outcome of the story is that my lighter socket is working again now and it didn’t cost me a bean.

That was the Swing.

The Roundabout came about an hour later. I’d gone home then out again, this time on the bike. There was a light shower falling and as I pulled up to park outside the DIY store I didn’t notice the mossy covering on the block-paved path. As I put my left foot down to park, it slipped to the side on the slimy surface, my balance went, and the considerable weight of my bike did the rest. I dropped it. As gently as I could manage but I dropped it all the same. It’s so heavy that I couldn’t pick it up again on my own, so it had to stay there lying on its side like a horse with a broken leg while I went off to seek help. Another pair of hands found, we got it back on two wheels and inspected the damage: a couple of small scratches on the bar end and the engine casing, and a snapped-off clutch lever.

Oh well…


About Chris Neal

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