What The Hell Does That Mean?

Welcome to the first in what may or may not become a series of posts about “trends” on the web that confuse, irritate, or just plain scare me because they throw my advancing age into sharp relief.

Number One: The Hashtag.

I hang around on Facebook and Twitter quite a bit and have been seeing #thisthing more and more recently. If you go to Twitter you’ll see a list of “Twitter Trends” on the right hand side of the page containing several of these. Today they include #iremember and #iranelection.

#iremember is a string that people use to precede things they… erm… remember from the olden days. My friend Joe says this #tag is included to make searching more rewarding, but I don’t follow that logic myself. What additional results are you going to get by searching for “#iremember” than for “iremember”? None, that’s how many.

For three hours I thought that #iranelection referred to a group of people who each ran their own elections, until with an embarrassed sigh I realised it was referring to the recent election in Iran.

My pont is, if you want to talk about the Iran Election why not use the phrase “Iran Election”? Why the need to invent this new fangled “#iranelection”? Where does it get you, apart from pissing off middle-aged users like me?

Perhaps that’s reason enough.


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One Response to What The Hell Does That Mean?

  1. Joseph S. Lima says:

    As with everything, the hastag is over used. You are correct, people could use iranelection instead of inserting a hashtag and it would show up in the results. Just shows that people are still figuring things out. And you are showing your age. 🙂

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