Just ten days after we gave my son Elliot a car for his 18th birthday he goes and crashes it.

Firstly and most importantly, he’s OK. Secondly I’m feeling angry, relieved, deflated and sick in equal measure.

He didn’t do it on purpose of course, but the collision was the result of not paying enough attention to the road, and serves to further embed the poor reputation that young male drivers have in this country.

He went into the back of a stationary car in front of him. The front of his car crumpled, pushing the radiator up against the engine block, and the steering wheel airbag exploded in his face, grazing his arms and filling the car with smoke. I can imagine how frightening it must have been, but then my next emotion is anger and frustration at how much trouble it has caused and yet how easily it could have been avoided.

Now all Elliot’s plans for visiting distant friends over the summer have evaporated, and the need to get a job and start earning some money during the Summer Holidays is more important than ever.

Got to take the Rough with the Smooth I guess, but I could really do with a bit of Smooth right now.


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One Response to Crash

  1. Joe says:

    Crikey! That was quick. How is Elliot coming along without the car? How is his mum and dad six days later?

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