It’s Too Hard!

Look, the internet’s moved on. Everyone’s Tweeting and updating their status. You can do that in less than a minute (or in the time it takes you to type 140 characters), so all of a sudden blogging seems like… well… just a bit of a chore.

I’ve got a mountain of stuff I’d like to talk / moan / rant / joke about, but by the time I’ve updated my Facebook status, Tweeted to my followers and commented on all my friends’ photos, it’s, well, time for bed, so this blog’s left out in the cold innit?

Which is a problem, because this blog is my first and only real love. Given total freedom I’d rather just sit here all day dispensing nuggets of wisdom, but I feel under so much pressure to get with the Social Media vibe that I spend most of my time online engaged in the aforementioned activities, which explains why this is the first you’ll have heard from me in about a week.

Ooh! Another FB notification! Bye…


About Chris Neal

Personal Technology Consultant. Tailored services and advice for people who want more from their technology.
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One Response to It’s Too Hard!

  1. Joseph S. Lima says:

    I have the same challenge. Actually, I have 3 small challenges that occupy most of my time. Don’t lose sight of the fact that blogging is social media as much as the other activities. Now if you said you were going to drop the blog for lifestreaming……

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