Forgive me Reader for I have sinned. It has been four weeks since my last post.

I have callously avoided my blog, instead choosing to focus on working, studying Mathematics, playing Nintendo DS (Rhythm Paradise!) and riding my motorcycle. Each activity has been totally absorbing and satisfying, exactly the sort of thing I could write amusingly and entertainingly about here (if I could be arsed).

As I write it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just got home from Scarborough in North Yorkshire, where we installed Elliot in his flat prior to starting Uni on Monday. The 250 mile journey home took us 6 hours due to detours and the need to drop Abigail off at school on the way, so I’m am typing with one hand and quaffing a gin & tonic with the other. Better go now before my spelling starts to suffer.


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One Response to Confession

  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for the confession and being repentant. Just don’t turn these four week breaks into a habit. 🙂

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