I Want…

Right now I’m watching a BBC documentary called Upgrade Me. It’s about the digital age we live in and how disposable hi-tech gadgets have become. The Head of Consumer Electronics at John Lewis (Department Store) says that their entire range of laptop computers is “refreshed” four times per year, so manufacturers like Sony and Toshiba replace each new model with an even newer one every three months. Three months. The entire range. Staggering. Modern electronic gadgets are so disposable; so what happens to all our unwanted “old” tech? Well if you’re like me (and the show’s presenter — writer Simon Armitage) then you’ll have one (or more) gadget graveyards: that bottom drawer where you slung your old gameboy, ipod, camera, and laptop. So each of us has our own little shrine that tells our own personal upgrade story, but what about the big picture? What happens to all the old TVs, VHS recorders, HiFi’s and computers? I’m sure the programme will get to that question eventually (in fact I know it will because they showed a preview of the guy wearing a hard hat and hi-viz vest and being walked around a huge computer dump). If they teach me anything I didn’t already know I’ll report it here. Don’t hold your breath.

I want a new:

  • iPod Touch (the top of the range 64 Gb of course)
  • HD TV — big, LCD, full 1080p resolution, multiple HDMI slots
  • Archos internet tablet with hundreds of Gigabytes of storage and built in WiFi.
  • Digital SLR (I’d like the bit pro model but would settle for a D5000)
  • Blackberry Storm (WiFi, 3G, touch screen, multi-megapixel camera)
  • Garmin Zumo (sat nav for my motorcycle)

Anyone want to buy an old iPod/TV/Archos/SLR/Blackberry/Satnav? Didn’t think so. I know! Let’s all meet up one Saturday. We’ll each bring all our old unused gadgets and build a huge robot. Or even better we’ll form two teams, build a big red robot and a big blue robot, then set them on each other in a battle to the death. Loser buys the drinks.


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One Response to I Want…

  1. Ariel West says:

    ill take the laptops that they dont want after 3 months….

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