Recycled Tellies

At the end of last night’s TV programme about our disposable hi-tech gadget lust they showed a TV & Computer recycling centre, where they recycle 300 TV sets and 4 tons of computers. They are disassembled by hand and the components re-used to make new units. Quite reassuring to see, but then you realise that this amount is a tiny fraction of the Cathode Ray Corpses that we discard every day — far more end up as landfill.

The show was well done and raised some interesting issues, and is part of the BBC’s new Electric Revolution: a season of programmes looking at our relationship with technology. Tonight’s show is Electric Dreams, in which a family of gadget freaks have to spend a couple of weeks with only Seventies’ gadgets available. Should be interesting — you try to check your Facebook on a Sinclair Spectrum!


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