Touch Me

My darling wife got me an iPod Touch for Christmas. I had an idea of how cool owning one might be, but the actual coolness of ownership has far exceeded the imagined level. I love my iPod Touch!


Loads of reasons:

1. It’s got 32Gb of storage, so I can carry all my music and loads of movies with me

2. It’s WiFi, so I can browse the web on it, check email, Twitter etc.

3. It’s a great gaming machine (more later)

4. It’s made by Apple

5. It’s lovely, touchy, slidy, and sexy.

Until I actually got one I had no idea just how many games are available, how easy they are to browse, buy and install, and how good some are. Many games are free. Yes, FREE, and even those you have to buy are only a couple of quid at most.

It’s so good for gaming on the go that I haven’t picked up my Nintendo DS since I got it. Here are the top ten games I’m playing right now:

  1. DoodleJump — tilt the Touch to move the little alien as he bounces up the platforms. How high can you get?
  2. Boggle — the classic dice word game with great graphics and sound
  3. Tap Tap Revenge 3 — Guitar Hero for your fingers.
  4. Fling — Clear the field of little furballs
  5. Fieldrunners — defend your base from the attacking hordes
  6. Bejeweled 2 — shape matching puzzle game
  7. Surfacer — A bit like Qix only cooler.
  8. Mastermind — the classic codebreaking logic game
  9. Dingbats — Find the well-known phrase from the clues
  10. Labyrinth2 — Ball-bearing in a wooden maze. Tilt the Touch to move. Very realistic!

I love all these games, and I’m getting new ones every day! If you haven’t got an iPod Touch yet, you know what to do!


About Chris Neal

Personal Technology Consultant. Tailored services and advice for people who want more from their technology.
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