Celebs Out, ‘Reals’ In: The Result

Self-criticism prompted me to clean my Twitter house earlier today. I was beating myself up for following celebrities for no good reason other than the brush with fame they (sort of) promise. Ricky Gervais was quoted today as saying he has snubbed Twitter because other celebs just use it to show off by talking to each other in public. That’s true in part I guess, and that story, coupled with my own existing doubts, prompted me to have a bit of a cull.

So, I decided to immediately and without appeal delete all famous people from my “Following” list, and as a result the following (sic) celebs got their marching orders (trust me, they won’t have noticed):

“Ooo Are Ya?”

Chris Evans Robin Ince Chris Addison Robert Webb Matt Lucas Jimmy Carr David Lynch Simon Pegg Ross Noble Charlie Brooker Rufus Hound Jonathan Ross Phil Jupitus Robert Popper Dara O’Briain David Mitchell Alfie Hitchcock Marcus Brigstocke Derren Brown Graham Linehan Sarah Silverman Dave Gorman Tim Minchin Mitch Benn Alan Davies Armando Iannucci Bill Bailey Danny Wallace Russell Brand Richard Bacon Peter Serafinowicz Stephen Fry

Ahh, that feels better. I can see the floor in a couple of places now. Now to execute Part 2 of my master plan and replace them with real people recommended to me by people I like and respect, courtesy of Twitter’s #Follow Friday.

Ordinary-but-more-interesting-for-it Peeps: welcome to my Twitterverse:

@Satans_Thong @SnoozeinBrief @rumandcokefloat @SoulisTheGoal @eight8all @mr_hopkinson @dailymacstuff @FosforoMusic @timcaynes @rogerpovey @dutyofpoets @gshizzy @traceylambo @zaius13 @djhanks @soniadiamond @thinkingchimp @chimp80 @maxxmonkey @angryplumber @funktakula @kursaal69 @raubrey @andy_lamb  @CMoz @NaomiNay @wowser @mistertombola @neillockwood @fi69 @raubrey @gillian_b

The sadder ones amongst you will have had a count up and found that my Following list has remained the same, with 32 celebs booted out and 32 new people coming in. Spooky that. Actually the additions came to 31 and I had to tweet a special request for one last one to balance things out. That’s you @gillian_b !

My Tweeps may not be TV personalities but they’re all little stars in my Twitter galaxy.


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