Brain in Tailspin

Some of you might be checking this blog and saying, “Blimey, Chris doesn’t update it very often! Who does he think he is setting it up and writing such golden prose, only to get us hooked then leave us hanging for days on end?” You might be saying that but let’s face it, you’re almost certainly not. Anyway, if you had as much going on as I do you wouldn’t update your blog neither.

Here’s what I’ve got on my plate right now:

  • Work — Novell’s annual BrainShare conference is looming (March) and we’re building the keynote demos.
  • Angola — moving to Africa in July and you can imagine how that impacts my to-do list
  • Flat hunting — we need to buy a flat and move into it before we go to Angola, so that we have a London base to use when we come back for visits, for the children to use etc.
  • Learning Portuguese (Angola). Rosetta Stone courses are very good. As mulheres estao comendo arroz (the women are eating rice).
  • Half way through an Open University Course in Mathematics. Yes, I know, why would I start all these projects at the same time? Well, when I signed up for the OU Maths course we didn’t know that we’d be moving to Angola and would therefore have to buy a flat and learn Portuguese at the same time. Oh well, that’s life. I like a challenge. I know Standard Deviation!
  • Learning to play the harmonica. I got a ten-hole diatonic Blues harmonica for my birthday, complete with how-to book and instructional DVD. Less than a week in I can play When The Saints Come Marching In and Oh Susanna, though when I play either it sounds like I’m playing both together.
  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks — the latest outing for the Zelda franchise on Nintendo DS is as absorbing as ever, particularly if you’re a big kid like I am.
  • Super Mario Bros Wii — Get four remotes and four people — I don’t care if they’re friends or tramps you pulled in off the street, and neither will you — SMB-Wii is the funnest multiplayer game ever.
  • Oh, and weekly visits to Aged Pater, doing his shopping etc.

I actually feel a bit better now I’ve got all that off my chest. Oh — got to go, the footy’s just started.


About Chris Neal

Personal Technology Consultant. Tailored services and advice for people who want more from their technology.
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3 Responses to Brain in Tailspin

  1. Amy G Dala says:

    Maybe you should start blogging portuguese algorithms?

  2. Karen says:

    That made my brain hurt

    Os meninos esta commendo macao (the boys are eating apples – there’s a theme here)

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