Yes yes I know, having made a New Year’s resolution to keep you entertained more regularly I have been spectactularly successful at not blogging for the last few days, and my hit counter has taken a … well… hit. I feel suitably reprimanded.

Anyway enough of that nonsense. Nothing, NOTHING is getting me more excited this week than the prospect of tomorrow night’s outing:

Ah, Rammstein! I discovered this band at the beginning of our two year stint in Riyadh (more on which at nealofarabia.blogspot.com), and in the four years that have elapsed they have become one of my favourite bands, got all the albums etc. etc. I missed their last tour (in 2005!), not having heard of them at the time, but now it’s different. A long-awaited new album is out and they’re finally on tour again. The album — Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (yes, they’re German) is totally brilliant, if you like dark, pounding, heavy industrial rock that is.

Elliot and buddies are coming down from Uni tomorrow to come with me, and I’ll be the ageing rocker at the back with me earplugs in while they’re swirling around in the mosh pit.

Full report on Friday, or whenever after that I can be bothered. Meanwhile this little video of their latest single will tell you instantly whether Rammstein are your cup of tea or not!

Rammstein: Ich Tu Dir Weh

The video presentation above is best enjoyed at MAXIMUM VOLUME


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