What a Show!

I had a ball at the Rammstein concert last Thursday. Wembley Arena shook to the German sextet’s dark, thumping industrial rock riffs amid smoke bombs, fireballs, flamethrowers and other pyrotechnics.

I’d bought four standing tickets and took Elliot and two of his mates with me. I love the recording of the Nimes concert from 2005 on the Volkerball DVD and wanted to be a part of the seething crowd in front of the stage. Somehow see Rammstein from the safe detachment of the seating area seemed, well, just wrong. The actual experience in that throng was not what I’d hoped for however. From as soon as the support act Comichrist (give an infinite number of Mad Max extras and infinite number of oildrums and eventually Combichrist would be formed) finished the standing crowd started to get ugly. People were barging to the front, spilling gassy £4 per pint beer on you if you failed to allow them past, and once Rammstein started playing it all got a bit unpleasant, with people — most of whom were quite a bit taller than I — jumping around and bashing into each other.

After the first three songs I withdrew and went a bit further back where it was less crowded, and found myself standing with all the other middle-aged fans whose days in the Mosh Pit had been over for many years: if indeed, there had even been any.

Daft crowd aside the concert was just brilliant. Rather than try to describe it I will leverage the power of the social web and point you at some videos taken by my fellow moshers — turn yer sound up!


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5 Responses to What a Show!

  1. Rob J says:

    Heheh. In the past few years I have been to see a few “young lads bands” (namely Arctic Monkey and Franz Ferdinand) and the crush even at Arctic Monkeys was too much for this old man.
    In just over 2 weeks’ time I’ll be seeing Faith No More, and part of me is sad that I have seats in a balcony, and another part of me is happy that being tempted (and then subsequently disappointed) by the crush and the fact that I am in my mid 30s won’t be an option.

  2. Chris Neal says:

    Yep I too have learned my lesson (or accepted my advancing years), and have purchased seats for Kiss at Wembley Arena in May. What’s even worse is, I’ve seen Kiss before in the same venue. IN 1977 !

  3. Chris Neal says:

    I fully expect the band members to perform sitting down too.

  4. Rob J says:

    In 94 I went to see Jethro Tull (on their 25th Anniversary Tour) and they were making jokes about supplementing their pension.

    When I saw the goodies a couple of years ago they came out in a 3-man zimmer frame.

  5. Chris Neal says:

    “3-man zimmer frame” that’s hilarious, I can just imagine it!

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