Aaaagghhh! I’m Tumbling!!!

Check out my new tumblr blogthingspace!

It’s happened again. My constantly inconsistent and slapdash approach to blogging has taken another turn, and its name is tumblr (No, that’s not a spelling mistake. Think of Flickr and you’ll see where they got the idea from).

Tumblr is a new thing that is going to compete with Facebook and Twitter for your onlinesocialmessingabout time. Usually I greet such developments with a resigned shrug and then spend the next few hours arguing internally with myself about whether to resist (“they don’t make social networks like they used to”) or welcome it with open arms in a blatant attempt to ward off approaching old age by doggedly staying “down with the kids”.

I took a look at Tumblr yesterday, prompted by Elliot’s raving comments, and my experience was, actually, quite pleasant and rewarding.

So, what exactly is tumblr, how does it work, and why should you care? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin (one fo the oldies there):

Essentially what I like about tumblr is that it does a pretty good job of combining the best bits of blogging, facebook, and twitter into a single, clean, easy to use interface.

My tumblr dashboard

I like facebook friend updates, photos, and comments. I hate facebook apps, games, and quizzes.

Tumblr does what I like and leaves out what I don’t like.

I like Twitter’s ‘follower’ metaphor and I like that it’s 140 character limit makes microblogging easier to keep up than proper blogging.

Tumblr uses ‘follow’. I can have my own blog with just my stuff (that’s the one that you would see), but then I also have my dashboard, which is a bit like Twitter’s timeline in that I see all updates from those I follow in one long line.

I like having my own blog to show off on, and I love it when people read it and comment, but most of the time my own preconceived expectations put me off posting: I always perceive that to blog means to write brilliantly and at some length, and that too often seems like just too much of a chore. I could change my perspective and use this blog to chuck little impromptu status updates, photos, links etc. I suppose, but the interface doesn’t suggest that. In fact, it suggests the former by giving me a full WYSIWYG text editor.

Tumblr has these natty buttons at the top of the dashboard (see pic). Click to post a quote, Click to post a video, Click to post a picture. It’s probably not that much easier, but it feels easier, and that’s important.

This is just scratching the surface and I’m still a tumblr newbie (– should that be tumblie? I’ve got quite a big tumblie, if that helps?), and now, having gone to the trouble of telling you about it here I’m off back to tumblland. What does this mean for the future of this blog? I have no idea.


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One Response to Aaaagghhh! I’m Tumbling!!!

  1. Chris Neal says:

    Oh, and I forgot the best bit! You can link tumblr to your facebook and Twitter accounts, then every time you tumble it also appears in the other two networks. Time-saving!

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