I don’t know about you (how could I?) but I’m feeling a bit frazzled about how to present myself on the internet.

When all I had was this blog (or the one that preceded it. Irrelevant) I was mediocre at best at keeping it updated. But now, NOW, things are a whole lot more complicated. First came Facebook. Well actually, first came MySpace and Bebo but being over 21 I never went there. Facebook is great, and gets better all the time, but there is something in me that won’t give them the satisfaction of gaining all my online time, so I was looking for something else. Not better necessarily, just … else.

Enter Twitter, which it took me ages to ‘get’, but now I do I really like it. After all, when you can express yourself in 140 characters or less, what’s not to like when you’re as lazy as I am?

Then the trouble started. I nagged and nagged until I got an invite to Google Wave. Again, Google Wave is a great idea and could well signal the beginning of the end for email, but after a while the novelty wore off. Why? Simple. Not enough people on it and no integration with email, so I am always going to gravitate back to my email inbox.

Then came Tumblr, and for a while I thought, “this is it! I can use this as my new blog! It’s great because it’s really simple to post different types of content, and each time I do it updates Facebook AND Twitter for me automatically. Neat-O!”

And finally comes Novell Pulse. I work for Novell, and that explains why I’ve heard of Pulse and you haven’t. Yet. Novell Pulse is at very early stages right now but it’s going to be great. GREAT. Think of a mashup of the best bits of Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave, but built for business use, and you’ll start to get the idea. I feel very privileged to be in at the start of what I’m sure is going to be something very big.

However, when you add Pulse to WaveTumblrTwitterFacebookBlog, you get The Perfect Excuse for Me to Continue Not Writing Much.



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2 Responses to Swamped

  1. Joshua Nunn says:

    You’ve made me somewhat excited about Pulse! I’m itching to give it a shot and see how it integrates with Google Wave. The fact that it will also integrate with Twitter and Facebook makes it even more appealing.

    Do you know if the integration with Twitter/Facebook is a completely seperate component of the product, or is it in some way integrated into the wave-protocol parts? I ask because I see the ability to integrate other services into Wave as a big part of Wave’s potential, but bolting them on under one interface isn’t what I imagined.

    I’ve put my name down to see it when it’s ready to be previewed, but I’m not sure I can wait!

  2. Chris Neal says:

    I never said it would integrate with Facebook and Twitter. What I did say was that Pulse contains elements of Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave functionality. I honestly don’t know if any such integration is planned. The only thing that is committed right now is federation with Wave, and that’s what we demo’d at BrainShare.

    (ps Josh I sent you an invite to Novell Pulse)

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